It’s Time To Take Yourself Back!

And it all starts with the words: how you talk to and about yourself.

With dual support from body and word specialists, you will learn how to own your words, lead your narrative, and embody your true power.

Words transform and heal your body. And, Your life.
This "playshop" takes place in two 2-hour sessions over one weekend.

With deep guidance into your body and soul wisdom, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.

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Tired of Feeling Not Quite There? 

Like There's Never Enough?

Like You’re Never Enough?


Like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough.

If so, you're not alone.

Studies show that 80% of people feel like they are falling short.

Here’s the thing.

These deep feelings of not-enoughness stem from your life’s stories:

  • Stories tied to events that you may have even forgotten
  • Stories created by negative things you were told about yourself by others
  • Stories you created to feel safe, to justify, to defend, to survive.
  • Stories you told yourself to stay small.
  • Stories you continually tell yourself now
  • Stories that can lead to Imposter Syndrome

These stories live inside of your body, stored tightly in your nervous system, organs, and energy centers.

Something needs to change.

To fully live in your power and to fulfill your life’s purpose, you must feel at home in your body. And, it starts with diving into the stories you hold, rewriting the stories you carry forward, and coming home to yourself.

This masterclass workshop in WordPower will help you do just that.
With interactive lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you'll learn how to disconnect from the stories you've told yourself and to reconnect and care for the incredible person you are inside.

Because you are so worth it!


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 Embody the power of words to transform your life.

In this transformative two-part workshop, we delve deep into the profound relationship between language and the body, uncovering how the words we choose shape our physical and emotional well-being.

We will focus primarily on two concepts about which people have deep-rooted feelings and fears:

“Enough” and “Purpose”

We'll teach you:

  • The Word-Body-Mind connection
  • Exercises to take ownership back of your words and your body
  • To align your vision with your reality

It’s time to nurture yourself and your worth like never before.



Here's what you'll experience...



Your Connection to Enoughness

Learn to recognize the Power of Words in shaping self-perception – how you talk to yourself can stop you in your tracks.

The Physiology of Words

Introduction to how you store words in your body. How self-talk heals or hinders your growth and can even make you sick.

You Get to Choose

Learn how to reframe and choose the words that live inside of you and empower you to live your best life.


Integrating WordPower into Your Life

Incorporating the Five Pillars of WordPower every day in every way.

How Your Words Impact Your Purpose

Aligning your words with Your life's mission and core values.

Live Your Purpose Like Never Before

When you embody the words of your life purpose, you'll learn to trust your compass and to navigate your path. 




Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone can work individually on their WordPower journey, while being part of a collective and supportive community. 

Through each group session, you’ll receive journaling prompts anchored with somatic techniques to get you in touch with the stories your body carries. This will help your thoughts flow. And, when you feel called to, you’ll be able to share what came up for you.

Most find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are finding to show up for themselves.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!

We are Cindy and Maria!

This transformative experience is brought to you by:

"The Awakened Choice in Abundant Creation"

Hi, I'm Cindy Yantis from Abundant Creation.
I'm known as the Word Shaman. I’ve written over 300 essays, screenplays, and short stories and am editing my debut novel. My mission to find the best and right words drives a deeper purpose of writing meaningful prose to help change people’s lives. As a creativity coach, I offer thoughtful guidance to creatives on their projects, passions, and purposes. I created the popular self-guided digital course, “The Art of Journaling: to Transform Your Life & Live Your Purpose,” where students learn how to discover their deepest and highest wisdom on the pages of their journals.
Hi, I'm Maria Mahboubi from The Awakened Choice.
I'm known as the Body Shaman. I guide my clients into their body’s wisdom. Through somatic healing and coaching techniques, they can access areas of the body that hold feelings, thoughts, memories, old patterns, judgments, and traumas so that they can be healed and transformed. By closely listening to the body, we are able to introduce somatic insights and practices to carefully create somatic openings and eventually somatic transformation so they live their lives in full alignment with their purpose.

"Cindy Yantis is brilliant at helping you transform your thoughts into words and getting those words onto a page where they can reflect back, inform and transform into something remarkable."

~ Johanna M. 

"We all need that compassionate person that can witness our pain and trauma. Maria does just that. She helped me realize that I am not my pain, my old story of what someone in my past said or did to me. That we all have the power and the knowingness to experience joy, and freedom, even when life gets challenging. Maria is a beautiful soul."

~ Jill J.



Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

Are you often held back by Imposter Syndrome?

If so, then the WordPower Playshop is definitely for you.

This is an invitation to try your words on for size. You'll see it's possible to make small transformations with big significances. 

This is play.

This is curiosity.

This is small transformation with big significance.

You hold the power to transform. Join us to unleash it.


Give yourself the gift of WordPower in your life. Choose the right experience for you:



  • The 2-day workshop: 5 hours of Live instruction on Zoom
  • Workshop workbook with exercises and homework prompts
  • Workshop replay and bonus booklet
  • An integration group coaching follow-up session to discuss the implementation of the shared tools and create community.



You receive all of the above plus the chance for a deeper dive to continue integrating what you uncover and discover in the WordPower Playshop.

The option for the VIP Upgrade is in the shopping cart. 


Two 1-hour private coaching sessions to take your discoveries deeper and to elevate your continued transformations.

This includes:

  • A somatic coaching session with Maria
  • A creative jam session with Cindy

(combined a $600 value)

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"My creative session with Cindy was a day of insight, breakthroughs, and receiving tools I have repeatedly used regarding my career path and other areas of my life. The breakthrough was an insight into ‘why’ I held myself back. The tools I received have helped me create a vision of what I’d like my life and new career to feel like and the path to bring it about. She is a skilled facilitator and coach who sparked my imagination and creativity which enabled me to embrace new ideas and growth in my life."

~ Michele C.

"My somatic healing experience with Maria helped me to better understand the connection between body and mind. For someone who can easily spend so much time processing life in my head, I've had to work hard toward acknowledging my emotions and allowing them the space to exist. Previously, I was intellectualizing my feelings, but now I finally "feel" my emotions in a way that I had yet to date."

~ Eira S.